In Flagler County there is always someone to lend a hand!
Here you can find out who to ask, because you can!

I have hurricane worries... Who do I call?

Flagler Hurricane Hotline (only active during potential storm)


Telephone: 1-386-586-5111

Find a Sick or Injured Turtle... Who do I call?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Telephone: 888-404-3922

I live in Flagler Beach and have a question.. Who do I call?

The City of Flagler Beach

Telephone: 1-386-517-2000

I found a hurt bird... Who do I call?

Marine Science Center

Telephone: 1-386-304-5530

I need to know what to do in case of a NON-MEDICAL emergency.. Who do I call?

Flagler County Emergency Information

Telephone: 1-386-586-5111

I found a hurt bat... Who do I call?

Wildlife Rehabilitation of Daytona Beach, Inc.

Telephone: 1-386-235-3751

My power is out... Who do I call?

Florida Power & Light

Telephone: 1-800-468-8243

I found a sick or injured animal... Who do I call?

Florida Fish and Game

Telephone: 1-888-404-3922

I have a question about First Friday... Who do I call?

First Friday Hotline

Telephone: 1-386-585-0055

I have a question for the County... Who do I call?

Public Information Desk

Telephone: 1-386-313-4000

I have a question regarding forest fires or prescribed burns... Who do I call?

Florida Forest Service

Telephone: 1-386-446-6786

I found a lost pet... Who do I call?

Dog: Flagler Humane Society

Cat: Flagler Cats

Dog-  Telephone: 1-386-445-1814

Cat-   Telephone: 1-386-503-4250

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