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You CAN take a deep breath and relax in Flagler County!




  1. 1.

    make or become less tense or anxious.

    "he relaxed once he arrived home to Flagler"

    synonyms:become less tense, loosen, slacken, unknot

    "Her muscles relaxed as her toes dug into the warm Flagler Beach sands."

Here in Flagler County we're all about the good life. Where else can you work and vacation in the same place!? After a day of meetings and business commitments, treat yourself to the uncluttered skyline vistas, the by skyscrapers and golden sand between your toes and an ocean breeze through your hair, that's an end to the day that conference room anyone could get used to! That’s Flagler! Not convinced? Here are just a few of the ways we can help you shrug off the corporate coil of the day and start anew.

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Yoga on the beach:

Rising to meet the morning sun as she comes to bring a new day, breathing in the salt air while a gentle breeze helps wash away any tension left in you. Yoga on the beach is not only a great way to get in touch with nature but there is no better way to prepare for whatever the day has in store for you, Face the horizon and greeting your future like a friend. Namaste.

Yoga In The Park

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park hosts Yoga in the Gardens, a four-week course on Mondays durring the month of March and Gamble Rogers State Park hosts yoga Thursdays in September.

Yoga in the Gardens/Park are all-level yoga classes that include meditation, breathing exercises, and gentle movement. Parks and Gardens provide the peaceful environment and the special connection to nature.

Pilates & Paddleboarding

Come experience a whole new workout while enjoying the beautiful Florida intracoastal waterway scenery.  

Pilates paddleboarding combines traditional yoga postures with the added challenge of floating on a Stand Up Paddleboard in flat water. Your mat is a Stand Up Paddleboard, the world is your studio and the elements of sun, wind and water have been invited. It is truly like heaven on Earth.

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial yoga is perfect for all ages - adults or children, and all levels - beginner to advanced. The wide range of poses allow each student to work at the level they are comfortable and are guaranteed to give everyone the dynamic benefits of inversions for enhanced well-being. Plus it's a lot of fun!

Aerial athletics is a challenging gymnastic workout focused on the upper body and core. Learn a new apparatus and diverse techniques for moving the body on hoop, fabrics, or any vertical element! Classes focus on flexibility, strength training, core skills and tricks.

Spa Day:

"Relax on the Quiet Side of Florida" is taken to another level with the luxurious spas and salons located in Flagler County. Treat yourself to a day of luxury at one of the area's rejuvenating spas. Give in to the healing power of deep-tissue massage, warm mineral pools, an herbal body wrap, seaweed scrub or one of the hundreds of other soul soothing services. And don’t forget a mani/pedi. Nothing beats pretty painted toes to compliment a barefoot walk through the surf.

Retail Therapy:

For many, retail therapy is a big part of relaxing, so be sure to devote some time to indulge your inner shopper at our unique gift shops, antique shops, artist studios, fine boutiques and variety of department stores that we all love.

Don’t miss Flagler Beach’s Downtown district along Central Avenue for relaxed and charming, independently owned specialty stores that add are reminiscent of old beach town ambiance. If you’re looking for major retailers and specialty shops, head into Palm Coast or visit one of the two Outlet Shopping Malls that are in St Augustine and Daytona.  Whatever your preference, there are shops galore!

Time with the Pup

We love our pets, they’re members of the family.  More and more of us people are bringing our four-legged friends everywhere we can, and in Flagler County that means a lot because Flagler County is VERY pet-friendly! You can take “man’s best friend” everywhere you go -- the parks, a variety of accommodations and even our beaches!

Flagler Beach has pet-friendly access, allowing dogs on the beach north of N. 10th Street and south of S. 10th Street. Doggies must be on leash no longer than 5 feet long. All that is asked in return is that visitors note the signs and remember to pick up after their pet to keep our beaches beautiful.

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Nature Therapy:

Every day is an “EcoAdventure” in Flagler County, Florida, with so much to explore and see year-round! From some of Florida’s favorite birding spots; miles of trails for bikers, hikers and horseback riders; abundant fishing and scenic waterways where you can paddle. Almost 50 state, county and city parks with a variety of amenities

Instagrammer @dvnor97 at Mala Compra Mtn Bike Trail

Forest Therapy
(tree bathing)

Forest bathing is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. It originated in Japan where it's called shinrin-yoku (森林浴) 

The therapeutic benefits of forest bathing may be difficult to fully explain, but most likely, the green scenery, soothing sounds of streams & waterfalls, & natural aromas of wood, plants & flowers in these complex ecosystems all play a part. Forest therapy is a good example of how our own health is dependent on the health of our natural environment! [Association of The Americas]