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Raising Student Achievement Every Day, Every Way –Consistently, Flagler County Schools have been highly rated by the Florida accountability system. Over the past 10 years, Flagler County has been one of the fastest growing counties in America, and even with this explosive growth, our local schools maintained academic excellence. The creation of the Classroom to Careers Flagship Schools program offers the opportunity for students to train in target industry specific academies as early as elementary school.

You CAN get a great education with Flagler County Schools
Elementary Schools

Flagler County Schools offer a progressive approach to primary education. Each of the five elementary schools and two middle schools offer industry-related Flagship Academies in-line with the targeted industries identified by the County’s Department of Economic Opportunity. Students are offered hands-on learning in medicine, agronomy, computer coding, robotics, engineering, the arts and aviation.

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Middle Schools & High Schools

With two highly rated public high schools and two faith-based private schools, to choose from Flagler County high school students are offered diverse opportunities for advanced learning in industry-specific fields, dual enrollment with local colleges, advanced placement classes and an International Baccalaureate program.

Both Flagler County High Schools have been ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for the past three years.

International Baccalaureate 


"Elementary school students will tend fruits and vegetables, middle-schoolers will reconstruct robots and high school students will nurture red cedars in a tree farm, all as part of an initiative to align education with targeted Flagler County industries."

                                 - N. Kornicks DBNJ

Classroom To Careers

The Flagler County Education Foundation is proud to help support Flagler County’s Innovative Flagship Programs. Each public school offers a unique Flagship Program, which allows students unique opportunities to discover paths that lead them from the classroom to career success. The Flagler Schools community truly believe our children will drive the future. Let’s ensure they are prepared.

Are you interested in taking a Classroom to Careers school tour? Click here!

What's On Offer

Elementary Schools

  • Belle Terre Elementary= Our Flagship focus is innovation, robotics, engineering, and computer science. We are sparking interest and curiosity at a young age that will lead to a multitude of future career opportunities. We are grooming our students for success in the classroom and beyond!

  • Bunnell Elementary = Our Flagship focus is Agriscience and green technologies. We want our students to understand more about the environment and how they can care for it as they learn and grow themselves.

  • Old Kings Elementary = Our Flagship focus is Marine Science. Flagler County is a coastal community, and we want our students to better understand the ocean and ecosystem that surrounds us.

  • Rymfire Elementary = Our Flagship focus is medical science, health and wellness. To live healthy and stay fit is truly a gift and a smart way of life. We want our students healthy and aware of its importance.

  • Wadsworth Elementary = Our Flagship focus is robotics and everything revolving around STEM studies. We want our students to understand this area of study is taking the world by storm and to succeed is to understand it’s importance.

Middle Schools

  • Buddy Taylor Middle School = Our Flagship focus is on agronomy, biotechnology, and engineering. Agronomy is the use of plants and soil to produce healthier foods, extract energy from plant life, and manage the impact of agriculture on the earth. Biotechnology is combining technology with living systems to create new processes or products that help to improve our lives. Engineering is the process by which products are developed, tested, modified, and improved over time. Allowing students to become environmental stewards who can think and work in creative ways to solve problems and effectively communicate solutions.

  • Indian Trails Middle School = Our Flagship focus is on sports leadership academy, engineering and applied robotics, outdoor sciences as well as business and computer science education. These programs support targeted market industries and provide our students with a full understanding of industries in high demand and necessary to driving the future.

High Schools

  • Flagler Palm Coast High School = Our Flagship focus is on technology, aerospace, Fire Leadership, Teaching & Learning, and International Baccalaureate. These areas of focus offer opportunities to discover paths that lead students from classroom to career success and are based on the targeted industries as identified by economic experts, and areas that are high demand fields of study. 

  • Matanzas High School = Our Flagship focus is on the culinary arts, marine science/biotechnology, finance, law & justice, and plant biotechnology. We want our students to be well rounded and offer relevant areas of study to not only help our environment, but advance science. These skills will assist students in job placement and further their studies after high school.

Private and Faith-Based Institutions

Flagler Beach Montessori:  

800 S Daytona Ave, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

(386) 793-9567

Montessori School Of Palm Coast: 

 31 Old Kings Rd N, Palm Coast, FL 32137

 (386) 246-9311

Flagler Christian Academy & Childrens Learning Center

3601 E Moody Blvd
Bunnell, FL 32110

(386) 437-3000

First Baptist Christian Academy

6052 Palm Coast Pkwy NW, Palm Coast, FL 32137

(386) 446-0094

United Methodist Christian School

5200 Belle Terre Pkwy, Palm Coast, FL 32137

(386) 445-2344

Precious Angels Learning Center

1003 East Moody Boulevard #A-B ·

(386) 437-0625

Children At Play Learning Center

504 N Cherry St · (386) 313-6898

Sunshine Academy of Flagler

170 Old Kings Rd S

(386) 439-9985



iFlagler is a franchise of the award-winning Florida Virtual School (FLVS) that offers middle and high school courses.  As a franchise iFlagler uses the same rigorous curriculum as FLVS, but classes are taught by local teachers.  This gives students the option of face-to-face interaction with teachers and staff.

Students must have daily access to a computer with Internet access and a telephone in order to take iFlagler classes. All full-time middle and high school students will receive a laptop to use.


ESE School Sites:

ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder – Cluster Sites:  Cluster Sites are Belle Terre Elementary School, Rymfire Elementary School, Indian Trails Middle School, and Flagler Palm Coast High School. Autism Spectrum Disorder is defined to be a range of pervasive developmental disorders that adversely affects a student's functioning and results in the need for specially designed instruction and related services. 

EBD – Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities – Cluster Sites:  Cluster Sites are Wadsworth Elementary School, Buddy Taylor Middle School, and Matanzas High School. The cluster site may offer additional supports for a student’s emotional and behavior wellbeing with the support of a Mental Health counselor, and curriculum which integrates social skills and a behavior level system.

Gifted – Cluster Sites:  Cluster Sites are Bunnell Elementary School and Indian Trails Middle School. Both Matanzas & Flagler Palm Coast High School can serve the gifted population through their Honors, (AP) Advanced Placement, or College Dual-Enrollment programs. FPC offers (IB) International Baccalaureate Diploma programs in which a student who is identified as Gifted may choose to participate. In Florida, children who have special learning needs are called exceptional students. Exceptional students include children who are gifted and children who have disabilities.

Life Functioning Skills – Cluster Sites:  Cluster Sites are Old Kings Elementary School, and Indian Trails Middle School. A person requiring these skills needs assistance in meeting their own needs, such as feeding, dressing, toileting, traveling safely, money & household management, social skills, etiquette, verbal communication, job skills, and using time management and organizational strategies. The cluster sites will focus on these needs.

OI – Orthopedic Impairment Cluster Sites are Belle Terre Elementary School, Indian Trails Middle School, and Matanzas High School. Orthopedic impairment means a severe skeletal, muscular, or neuromuscular impairment. The term includes impairments resulting from congenital anomalies (e.g. including but not limited to skeletal deformity or spina bifida), and impairments resulting from other causes (e.g., including but not limited to cerebral palsy or amputations). These students may need additional medical supports which could be provided at these cluster sites by medical personnel in the classroom.

PK ESE – Cluster Site is Bunnell Elementary School for 3 year-old PK ESE students. ESE PK students who are 4 years old on, or before, September 1st are placed in the VPK classes in their home-zoned elementary schools.

What is the ESE program?

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) provides services to over 2400 students identified as disabled or gifted. A full continuum of programs and related services is offered to students from preschool through high school in accordance with their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Services include placement in the least restrictive environment, which may be an inclusion setting in the student's home school general education classroom with consultative support or resource pull out. Other placements may require a more restrictive setting, which may range from self-contained classes at cluster sites to hospital/homebound. In addition, an ESE Parent Liaison is available to provide individualized assistance and to support parents. The primary goal of the department is to ensure that your son or daughter is provided a free, approrpiate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). The Exceptional Student Education Department is always striving for academic success and we are committed to giving exceptional students the means of achieving success by delivering the highest quality of service and working on the goals as specified on each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

How does iFlagler work?

Why take a class through iFlagler?

  • Learn by using the technology that is already part of everyday life.   Classes will use the Internet, webinars, e-mail, phone calls, discussion boards, video-streaming, online collaboration, and texting.

  • Attend face-to-face sessions where you will be able to interact with iFlagler staff.

  • Access classes at whatever time your brain is in its optimal learning state.  If that is 3:00 in the morning, no problem!  Classes are web-based and available 24 hours a day/seven days a week

  • Thrive with individual attention from local highly qualified teachers. 

Contact Information: 386-447-1520


Award-Winning Way to Keep Parents Connected

Parents have never been so close to the educational process. They'll be able to keep tabs on where their lunch balances are going, test and assignment scores, progress towards graduation, and more. Parents with multiple children in the same district can view information on all at once or individually. Social media-style message boards make communication fun and intuitive, and vibrant charts will help with at-a-glance tracking. 

Give Students More Control

Student engagement doesn't need to end at the classroom door. You'll be amazed at how often students are checking for posted grades and reviewing what they need to do to reach their goals. With student-centric features like online assignments and future course requests, the power is back in the hands of the learner. 

Fewer Questions, More Answers

Your tech department has enough on its plate without getting bogged down in parent portal help tickets. Every section is clearly labeled and accessible with minimal clicks. Our mobile app means parents and students aren't tied to a desk and can find what they're looking for from anywhere. All of the information being displayed is accurate and up-to-the-minute, with no delays to cause confusion.

Life in the twenty-first century, in an interconnected, globalized world, requires critical-thinking skills and a sense of international-mindedness, something that International Baccalaureate Diploma Program students learn to know and understand.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of education that prepares students, generally ages sixteen to nineteen, for success at the university level and in life beyond.  In the U.S. the program is taught during grades eleven and twelve and on the worldwide level has gained recognition and respect since its inception in 1968.  The entire IB Program encompassing the Primary Years and Middle Years programs as well as the Diploma Program enrolls some 775,000 students in 2815 schools in 138 countries.

The IB Diploma Program provides students the opportunity to explore a subject's breadth and depth greater than any other academic curriculum and includes extensive study of the nature of knowledge itself in its unique Theory of Knowledge course. Students also engage in service oriented activities outside of the traditional classroom through IB's Creativity, Action, and Service requirements.  In addition, the program has earned a reputation for its rigorous external and internal assessments that meet global standards and by its emphasis on educating the whole student - intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically.  Besides being well-prepared for the challenges of college, the IB Diploma graduate possesses the characteristics necessary to be a productive, contributing citizen in the new global age.


Dual Enrollment Program

It is an exciting time in education. Flagler County Schools is dedicated to providing students every possibility to maximize education with dynamic learning environments.  High school students now have the opportunity to earn college credits at one of three local colleges through the accelerated mechanism of Dual Enrollment.

For Volusia or Flagler County high school students Daytona State College offers a Dual Enrollment program that can help them get a head start on their college education while still in high school, no matter where they choose to pursue their higher education upon graduation. Through Dual Enrollment, they can begin their college studies by choosing one of several career oriented programs linked with programs offered at Daytona State College. For more information about dual enrollment, students can contact their high school guidance counselor and please use the links below for further information.

The cultivation of new industries, economic growth, and fiscal stability rests on a foundation of scientific and technological ingenuity. As a champion of global innovation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University introduces high school students to rigorous STEM-related courses that prepare students for college while providing them a clear pathway to college graduation and high-paying jobs in thrilling and dynamic industries. 

The mission of Flagler Technical Institute is to provide programs and services that empower students to be educationally prepared and economically self-sufficient in an ever changing global economy. FTI offers a limited number of programs that are eligible for dual enrollment. Students enrolled as Dual enrollment may attend FTI while also attending a Flagler County School District high school. Dual-enrolled students receive credit for successfully completed coursework at both secondary school and FTI.

Dual Enrollment helps eligible accelerated high school students access coursework at the University of Florida from their home district. Our fully online courses are taught by UF faculty, provide students with a college learning experience, and adhere to the UF academic calendar.

Never before has there been a more exciting time in education than right now.  Bethune – Cookman University is taking steps to provide students with the best possible 21st century learning environment and experience possible with dynamic programming aimed at raising student achievement by offering diverse learning opportunities.  Bethune – Cookman has partnered with Flagler County Schools in offering accelerated degree advancement through the Dual Enrollment Program.

Flagler Palm Coast High School
Fire Leadership Flagship Program

The Fire Leadership Flagship opened its doors to students in January of 2017, with an inaugural class of 50 students. This flagship has continued to grow since then, filling to capacity each year. For the 2019-2020 school year, we plan to add 50 new 9th grade students. Interested students must enroll in the flagship as freshmen. In order to complete the entire program students must begin their freshman year and remain in the academy through senior year.

The lead instructor for the Fire Leadership Flagship courses is a state certified firefighter and a certified Florida State Fire College instructor. Flagship coursework focuses on leadership development, preparing students with skills including but not limited to: fire behavior; first responder model; personal protective equipment; use of ropes, tools and equipment; use of fire streams; fundamentals of extinguishment and rescue procedures. Students are taught the history, equipment and specialties in fire service, and become CPR certified. Clear career pathways are explored including firefighter certifications, EMT coursework, associate degrees, paramedic training programs, and bachelor’s degree programs.


Flagler i3 Tech Academy

As part of Flagler’s premier learning organization, the i3 New Tech Academy will create students that become reflective, self­‐directed, goal-­oriented, and responsible citizens. Our students will be ready to graduate with the skills necessary to be aware, eligible, and prepared for the college and career path of their choice.

Flagler's i3 New Tech Academy will provide a culture that empowers students to become owners of their own learning by providing an untethered learning environment, centered around authentic investigative experiences, provided through collaborative project based learning and embedded technology.

Flagler Schools is pleased to continue to bring to our district an opportunity for students to seek a personalized path to their education. In conjunction with the New Tech Network of Schools, a New Tech Academy opened in August of 2013 on the Flagler Palm Coast High School Campus. This innovative approach to education was open to all 2013-2014 freshman and sophomore students in Flagler County.  In each of the following years a class was added (junior and senior) and the numbers continue to grow. The i3 Academy offers all core content courses and graduation requirements for students in a setting that is based on the following beliefs: "A Culture that Empowers, Teaching that Engages, and Technology that Enables."

At the i3 New Tech Academy students learn to work collaboratively in a Project Based Learning approach to the curriculum that utilizes a one-to one technology environment. A student driven culture of respect, responsibility, and trust is deeply embedded in the New Tech philosophy.

Colleges and Universities

DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE  offers associate degrees while preparing students for careers that require specialized training.  Certificates and Associate Degrees prepare students to enter the workforce immediately after graduation.  The College also provides customized training for businesses.  

FLAGLER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE offers career training programs accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.  Programs are designed to provide career and technical training for entry level as well as continuing education.

KEISER UNIVERSITY continuously monitors trends in the workforce to ensure the degree received is in high demand.  Degrees include careers in healthcare, business, computers and technology, culinary arts, education and legal studies.

BETHUNE-COOKMAN UNIVERSITY offers baccalaureate and master degrees in 37 disciplines and maintains nationally recognized intercollegiate athletic programs, instrumental and choral groups.

EMBRY RIDDLE is a private university specializing in aviation and aerospace engineering. Called Time Magazine’s “Harvard of the Sky”, it is rated #1 in aviation and aerospace education.  

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA  is ranked 17th overall among all public national universities in the 2013 U.S. News & World Report rankings, and is consistently within the top 100 worldwide. 

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA UCF offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. Many Florida employers  work with UCF researchers and students on projects in the sciences, engineering, photonics and optics, modeling and simulation, and health-related fields. 

FLAGLER COLLEGE’S principal focus is undergraduate education in selected liberal arts and pre-professional studies; thus, the role of teaching is central to the College’s mission.

STETSON UNIVERSITY is organized by colleges and schools that offer academically rigorous programs.  Stetson also features continuing education, professional studies and other programs.