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You CAN find great food in Flagler County!

With over 150 restaurants open in Flagler County there are plenty of reasons to say YUM!

Enjoy live music and a refreshing margarita as you watch dolphins play, pelicans dive and whales do... whatever it is that whales do! Clearly the coolest atmosphere is in Flagler County.

Breakfast/ Tea & Coffee
Fish & Seafood:
Exotic/International Fare:
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Wine & Cheese:
Food Truck Tuesdays

Food Truck Tuesdays is the third Tuesday of every month from May through November. Held at the Town Center’s Central Park, attendees enjoy gourmet food curbside!  The event features a variety of food trucks - mobile kitchens, canteens and catering trucks that offer up appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Curbside cuisine changes monthly but has included lobster rolls, Portuguese chourico , fish and chips, specialty hamburgers/hot dogs, Cuban sandwiches, ice cream, sweets and much more. Many menus are kid-friendly! Proceeds from each Food Truck Tuesday event benefits a local charity.

Flagler County Restaurant Map (interactive)