You CAN develop your dreams in Flagler County!

Here in Flagler County we believe in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit! With the resources below and a little elbow grease, you'll have everything to need to make your ventures soar.

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Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.

The African American Entrepreneurs Association (AAEA) was formed to develop and create economic development through entrepreneurship within the underserved African American community through education, mentoring, workshops, group economics, and micro-financing opportunities.  AAEA members and partners include a wide range of organizations that provide capital and services to assist underserved entrepreneurs in creating and expanding their businesses.  

African American

Entrepreneurs Association


Flagler Entrepreneurs

Office Divvy

Office Divvy is a business percolator in Palm Coast. That means we're a hybrid business incubator, Startup accelerator, Coworking Space, and a community for entrepreneurs in Flagler County and beyond! We help companies start up, grow and scale! Empowering entrepreneurs since 2008! Learn more:

Ripple Coworking

The idea of the coworking space is to attract entrepreneurs to the beachside town and help to diversify the economy by creating higher-paying office jobs that require professional skills.

“We’re looking to be a hub for people to connect with each other,” Stephen said. “We think there are other people like us who want to live in Flagler Beach.”

“It was important for us to have light and have appropriate space,” Stephen said. “I always find when I’m working around my peers I’m more motivated.”

Beyond creating the kind of working space they were looking for, the Furnaris also want to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs and other small-business owners.

“We want to be around other entrepreneurs and business people,” Kristi said.

The idea to put the business on State Road A1A in the heart of Flagler Beach also had a strong appeal. The idea of the coworking space is to attract entrepreneurs to the beachside town and help to diversify the economy by creating higher-paying office jobs that require professional skills.

What does that mean? FAQs

What is a business tax receipt?

Local Business Tax Receipts (BTR), formerly Occupational Licenses, are issued by the Constitutional Tax Collector’s Office. The law requires any business  selling merchandise or services to purchase a Business Tax Receipt.  This includes one-person companies and home-based businesses.  In addition to the Business Tax Receipt, businesses must also comply with any local license and ordinance requirements.

What's the difference between a business license & registering a business?

Most new businesses need to register with state or local government as well as take out licenses. The license authorizes you to open and operate your business. Registering your business puts your company's information, your business name or your tax data, for instance, in the government's files. Unless you're doing business under your own name  Joe Smith, plumber, for instance, you have to register your business name with the county in which your business is based. Registration doesn't copyright or protect your name, but it gives you the authority to open bank accounts and enforce contracts under that name.

LLC vs Sole Proprietor?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a unique business entity that allows the company to have the same limited liability protection as a corporation, and the operational flexibility that a partnership has. On the other hand, sole proprietorships are the easiest and most cost effective type of business to form and operate.


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